Mayor Denny Spinner joined Boxer Girl, LLC and Jagoe Homes for a major announcement regarding workforce housing planned in Huntingburg as part of the city’s Stellar Communities program. The project, which is privately-funded, is expected to create in excess of 120 new single-family homes in the community.

“This project is extremely important because it meets the need for affordable, quality workforce housing that is prevalent throughout Dubois County,” says Mayor Spinner. “By adding to the housing inventory in Huntingburg, we will be able to attract the highly-skilled workforce that is desperately needed by all industries throughout the county.”

The project will be completed in phases, with the first phase set to begin in spring of 2016. Price ranges for the homes are expected to be consistent with the recommendation included in the recent housing study completed by Dubois Strong.

“My first visit to Huntingburg was prior to the Stellar designation, and even then, I knew it was a community where I wanted to be,” says Jane Hendrickson of Boxer Girl, LLC. “I am excited to bring quality, affordable workforce housing to this community, which already has so much to offer.”

For questions or for more information, please contact Rachel Steckler, Director of Community Development, at (812) 683-2211 or by e-mail at