A tornado siren located in the City of Huntingburg is not functioning as of Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The siren is next to the Huntingburg Utility Front Office,  located at 508 N Van Buren Street. Federal Field Services has been notified and will be inspecting the siren at a later date. Residents are encouraged to be aware of the problem and to verify that their SAME weather radios have fresh batteries and are ready to notify you of any severe weather coming to the area.  


As a reminder, sirens are put in place as a backup to notify residents when threatening weather is approaching. Sirens are not to replace your own notification process, such as NOAA weather radios.


For more information, please contact Travis Gentry, City of Huntingburg Safety Director, at 683-2211 or by email at tgentry@huntingburg-in.gov.